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I really, really want to like this series of games.... unfortunately, I'm just continuously frustrated by puzzles that seem illogical because they're presented out of context or by not seeing some tiny item on the screen.

Case in point... I managed to open the door on the first room pretty quickly, but didn't see the green arrow appear on the top of the screen and spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out what was wrong.

The other really big problem I have is with the walkthroughs.... they do a very poor job of explaining WHY the puzzles work the way they do, which I think is what most people would prefer. A simple text file giving hints would be much preferred over a video that shows you some abstract answer.

selfdefiant responds:

I might have to start using audio for the walkthroughs to help out. Like I said before, I try to make the puzzles a little harder and some people can't figure it out. Other times it's too easy. :)

Good game

1) give a third button so you can just skip to the next round. I had one set of letters with only 2 vowels stuck right next to eachother in the corner. I got 2 words, and then had to sit there while the timer ran out.
2) Cut down on the number of rounds. I really do like the game, but 10 rounds drags on a bit. I think 5 should be enough.
3) Have Mr. Flacit say something different at the end based on your score (or does he already do that? I've only played 3 times so far, and I've gotten very simular scores each time). If you suck, let him give you an "F" (and then maybe you can go all Pico on him!), and if you rock, have him give you an "A".

Found 2 more words not recognized:

Holy Frijoles!

OK, I have a tendency to be overly critical of everything. I'll take my all-time favorite movies and pick at everything bad about them. But for the life of me, I cannot come up with anything bad to say about this game. It is so damn cool. It's just about the right length, you got the graphics and sound perfect... I guess the only thing I'm not so sure on is not being able to shoot up or down. I mean, I know he isn't normally supposed to be able to do that, but then he's not normally fighting on planet Xebes with all the vertical movement, either.
You know what I think would make some kickass sequels? Megaman Vs Link (using the overhead view and original "Legend of Zelda" graphics) and Megaman Vs Mario (side-scrolling goodness at its best; why bother jumping on Koopas when you got your trusty MegaBuster?). Ooh, ooh- and completing each one could give you a new weapon upgrade- Samus Aran can make you roll up into the ball and lay bombs, Link can give you a boomerang, Mario can give you a mushroom that lets you grow big... Well, maybe not.
I'm making this one my Newgrounds favorite!

That's pretty good, if you ask me.

I like it. I like it a lot. A couple of bugs:
1) When you're fighting against a dark background, you can't see the oponent's health. You can see the red bar, but you can't read the numbers.
2) When you finally buy the final armor, the "sale" button doesn't go away. You wear it, but the name doesn't appear.
3) I beat it under "advanced", and got the code, but it didn't work (unless I'm putting it in the wrong place).
4) Sometimes your health drops into the negatives. Usually when you use a skill at the same time as being hit.

And a few things I would recommend to be added (not saying this to be mean- it's already much better than anything I could do; I'm just trying to help you out):
1) If you're going to use the number pad for skills, why not also use it for attacks? "0" could very easily be used. If you don't want to use the number pad, then don't make the "Attack" button disapear between turns. Just phase it out a bit. If you accidentally move your mouse, it'll take you a couple seconds to realise why you're not attacking.
2) Same thing with the skills- don't make them dissapear, just make them transparent or grey them out or something. I occasionally forgot which #button was which skill, and I would end up hitting th ewrong one.
3) You definitely need to have something happen between battles. Like having your home (or whatever the place is where you walk around) change between levels.
4) Add more story elements. Nothing much, just maye a person or 2 to talk to, and have the dialogue change each level.

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